Why St. Gertrude?

"If you want something done, you (or your sister) have to do it yourself!" Saint Gertrude is the patroness of our parish and school.

StGurt2 StGurtBack (1)Last year, I had the idea to design some jewelry using a medal of St. Gertrude for an 8th grade fundraiser.  Greatness must not necessitate a medal, because even though our patroness is referred to as St. Gertrude the Great, my extensive search for an inexpensive medal was in vain. We had tossed around the idea of creating our own medals and now the opportunity presented itself. Patty, the sister behind all our graphic design, and I researched this wonderful saint and how to go about having a medal cast. Then Patty came up with the design and our first, exclusive On This Day Designs medal was created!  We offer this medal on our woven black cord bracelet with white wood beads (St. Gertrude Catholic School is a Dominican School!).
Oh, and if you are looking for St. Gertrude medals in bulk, give us a call!