A Good Day

My Dad As I stood with my father as he was about to have blood drawn the technician asked him if he was having a good day. His response, "Yes, I'm having a good day." Then paused, looked her in the eyes and said "but then, I always have a good day." I felt transfixed by a moment of pure grace, the fruit of my Dad's years of quiet faith. A faith that his 8 children have all taken to heart. We feel blessed that with On This Day Designs we can have a little part in spreading, literally, the faith of our father(s). Knowing that placed in hands of faith, scraps of metal, beads, and wire can become so much more. My father was teaching me again that our faith is real and manifests itself in many ways. That day, in the grace that let an 82 year old man,  dealing with stage 4 prostrate cancer, (prayers please) say, "but then, I always have a good day."

Blessings, Carolyn