A Little CatholicMom Support!

CatholicMom.com | Celebrating Faith, Family and Fun from a Catholic Perspective Like many women before me I went on a journey after my first child was born...no I didn't physically journey any farther than the local grocery store, but I did begin a faith journey. Growing up Catholic I believed what I was told to believe even if sometimes I didn't really understand why. For the most part, I just followed along in my blissful ignorance, maybe shaking my head in agreement when a friend would say "the Catholic Church was crazy because it believed this.", or "It won't let women do that.", or "you can't eat what?", etc. Yeah, I wouldn't say I was exactly a pillar of faith, more like a piece of driftwood going where the flow took me. The birth of my first child changed all that drifting, all the sudden I needed to know WHY! Why did the Church teach what it did?

So I started to discern the who, what, when, where and why of the Catholic faith. I first began by listening to a tape (anyone under 25 is scratching their heads, "huh, how do you listen to tape...?") of Scott Hahn's conversion to the Catholic Faith. Then I read and listened to anything I could get my hands on, especially being drawn to conversion stories. I began to fall in love with my faith.

Christmas 1999, Mike and I got our first family computer-we were going to learn to "surf the web". I had noooo idea what the heck that was all about but I was game. Who knew at the time it would become something so integral in everyone's life (thanks Al, what a great idea!). So now, when I could tear myself from Age of Empires, I had a whole new way to search out anything and everything Catholic. I stumbled on a really great website for moms who were searching like me. It was started by Lisa Hendey, a Catholic wife and mother, the site  was CatholicMom.com.  It was awesome! Wow, there were other Catholic moms out there who where looking to deepen and share their faith. It was, and has been over the years, a wonderful source of growth and support for my faith journey. I have watched this little site grow to the robust well rounded site it is today. It's a great source for strengthening your faith and family with a lot of fun thrown in too!


Not only can you find Lisa over at CatholicMom.com, but she is one of the busiest moms I know. She's a webmaster (gotta love being "master"), she blogswrites books, designs websites, is a social media guru, speaks all over the country on a variety of topics, scrubs floors and washes dishes--this woman does it all! On top of all that, she is NICE! Over the past five years I have gotten to know Lisa through emails and finally, two years ago, face to face. She is truly the amazing woman in person that you feel she is through her writing.  She has always supported On This Day Designs over the years, through her emails and websites. Lisa is still supporting us by currently running two giveaways on her sites CatholicMom.com, where you can enter to win our Colorful 7 Sorrows Rosary Wrap and Patheos.com (Lisa is one of the Catholic bloggers) where you can win our Sacred Heart and Pearls necklace.

Thanks Lisa for not only supporting On This Day Designs but for providing, for over a decade, a place where mothers (and fathers) can find support and guidance for their faith, family and fun.

Peace and Joy always,