photo(2) If I were an organized woman I would have been thinking and planning my two day trip with my husband weeks—or at least a week—ago. We're leaving Thursday morning after the kids get on the school bus so I'll be lucky if I get even one day of planning.

A fancy dinner is part of this weekend away. Have I tried on the dresses in the back of my closet to see which one fits my current body size? Um no, haven’t even looked. I Haven’t even thought about what I need to bring. Period.

If I were an organized woman, I would have had all of my daughter Olivia’s presents wrapped and decorations ready for her birthday—it’s today. But since I’m writing this blog on Tuesday I still have time!

If I were a woman who made lists- or, more accurately could find the lists I do make— I would have already figured out and spoken with the friends who have offered to take my kids to the two practices, four games and Girl Scout meeting scheduled over the 2 ½ days we are, yeah I need to get on that one.

If I had all my ducks in a row then groceries would be bought and dinners made, in the freezer and ready to go. Luckily my niece Carolyn, who is coming to stay with my kids, is very resourceful. Plus there's always cereal!

Ten years ago I was that organized, list making, ducks in a row woman but that was before my self diagnosed KIADD really kicked in. What is KIADD? It is a disorder that has not received the attention it deserves and many of the women suffering its effects go undiagnosed. KIADD is an acronym for Kid Induced Attention Deficit Disorder.

Basically the more kids you have the less attention you have for details. I was still holding it together after my third child. I was not as organized as with my first two, but still able to have a neat folder with insurance information, phone numbers and schedules to give to the person watching our children for our getaways. Now I’m lucky if I look at the calendar to even know I’m going away!

It's not actually the birth of the children themselves that brings on KIADD. But it can be directly correlated to the number of individual schedules, amount of household laundry, number of bodies needing sustenance, and living a life in 10 minute increments. Symptoms of KIADD can vary but usually include walking into a room and having no idea why you're in the room. Calling your kids by sibling or pet names. Introducing one friend to another but drawing a blank on the name of your friend of 20 years. Setting out to clean your kitchen but getting distracted and vacuuming, scrubbing your toilet and folding half a laundry basket while your dirty dishes still sit in the sink.

There is no quick cure for KIADD, but there is hope. If you too are suffering from KIADD, here are some ways you can manage and lessen its effects: prayer; copious amounts of coffee; a big calendar; lists (even if you can’t find them after you make them); friendships; carpools and being able to fly by the seat of your pants.

Oh, I gotta go! I think I’m supposed to be somewhere....

Peace and Joy always,