My Mom had a thing about joy. She told me once that she could understand why people turn away from Christianity because many Christians were lacking joy in their lives. "To know Jesus" she said "is to know joy". My Mom's joy was abundant and deep was her love for Jesus and His precious Mother. Mom and Sarah

Only my older children really have a memory of my Mom because she passed away 15 years ago.  Sarah, my second child, is one who does.  Sarah, like all the older grandchildren, knew her and loved her. Grandma and Grandpa's house was known for pool days, popsicles and prayers. For Mom prayer came as easy as breathing.   She would pray for her Grandchildren's every need. On the spot. Right there. Right now!  Every conversation with my Mom some how included "her Jesus" and her love for Him was infectious. So her grandchildren knew that this Jesus, her Jesus, was the source of her great joy.


Well my Mom's joy has lived on in an unexpected way. When Sarah gave birth to her first child (my first grandchild and my mother's first great grandchild), Sarah and her husband Isaac, named her Joy Marie, in memory of this Grandma who's joy was contagious. On Thursday we will celebrate the 3rd birthday of Joy with great joy!  Thanks Mom.

Peace and JOY,