On This Day, O Beautiful Mother

For Mother's Day we would like to share this video of our Mom singing On This Day, O Beautiful Mother at the wedding of our youngest sister Patty. Our mother had a strong devotion to the Blessed Mother and felt honored to sing this at our weddings. So when our sister Teresa had the brilliant idea to name our company "On This Day Designs", we felt it was the perfect way to honor Mom and dedicate our new endeavor to the Blessed Mother.

The video also helps answer a question we're asked a lot: How are all of you able to work together? As our Mom gracefully shows, we're pretty good at rolling with the punches and laughing at ourselves. None of us would tell you that this was one of her best renditions but we knew the love and devotion behind it. Little did we know then that we would be celebrating the following Christmas without her. Fifteen years later On This Day Designs is a small legacy of her vibrant faith.

Happy Mother's Day Mom.

Wishing all the Mom's out there Mother's Day Blessings.