Dear Holy Family

JMJ Stretchy Bracelet With 5 kids, 8 grandchildren, my father and my husband and I having large extended family, I was looking for a way to remind myself to keep them in prayer and under the intercession of the Holy Family. This desire led to my design of the JMJ Stretchy Bracelet. I remembered putting JMJ on school papers as a kid then added white and brown wood beads to stand for Jesus and Joseph and their carpenter trade, inter-spaced with blue beads for Mary. I wanted a casual look for everyday wear.  Seeing JMJ on my wrist reminds me to pray for that family member in need.

I value more and more the examples set by the Holy Family. How Joseph listened and responded to what God asked him to do. Mary's "yes" to God's call and her care and support of who Jesus was. Joseph and Mary's love of their faith traditions and steadfastness in joy and sorrow. The honor and care Jesus has for his Mother. As my children grow up (my youngest graduates from high school next year) I value especially the example of letting go and the loving support of the adult Jesus. The Holy Family is part of the foundation of my family and I feel blessed to be able to call upon their intercession. Dear Holy Family, pray for us.

Blessings, Carolyn