Shaking up Summer

Caught reading! Even though my youngest will be a high school senior in the fall I watch 5 of my grandchildren (ages 6 to 13) 5 days a week so I'm still in the thick of what to do with kids all summer. One week into our summer vacation I wanted to share an idea that (so far) has my grandkids excited. Reading has been one of the greatest joys of my life and some of my fondest summer memories as a kid was spending long, lazy days curled up with a book. I'm always looking for ways to encourage a love of reading so the Petrick household is 'shaking up reading' this summer. The kids earn fancy milkshakes (from a certain establishment that sells them half off in the afternoon) by reading so many books or so many pages for the older kids. So far the kids are coming in the door with books in hand and I find them curled up in corners reading. Awwww, the lazy days of summer. One week down, 11 to go. (But who's counting?)

Blessings, Carolyn