Slow and Steady wins the Race!

As promised in a previous post here are pictures of AZ and our visit to the Grand Canyon!  I know you have all been waiting!425219_10101099915153088_448871106_n Knowing that my husband Mark, a daily runner, was in much better shape than I, we had decided that Mark and our son Josh would hike to the bottom of the canyon and Angelle (also in great shape and had hiked to the river and back the previous weekend!) would hang back with me and we would only go half way.  Even though we had only gone half way into the canyon there was a point during our assent out of the canyon that I really felt sick and seriously doubted my ability to finish.  There was a sign as you begin the trail that warns: Every year 250 people need to be rescued from the Canyon!  At this point I'm thinking "ONLY 250"!

So, I said a silent prayer to the Blessed Mother ( I didn't want to panic my daughter-in-law Angelle!) "Please Blessed Mother I can't do this, I need your help."  600914_10101099915357678_1117338966_nImmediately words I often say to my children echoed in my head. "Slow and steady wins the race!" Also the words of the ranger we had met on the way down; "We are heading into the hottest time of day, if you are having trouble find shade and wait it out."

So we stopped often and rested in every shady spot along the way. Clouds had been slowly moving in and shortly after my prayers a wonderful breeze began to blow.  We also met a sweet older couple who were seasoned canyon hikers who were also hiking "slow and steady".   Our interesting conversation distracted me and soon I was at the TOP!

8675_10101099915472448_659658639_nThe lessons learned?

Slow and Steady DOES win the race.

Going DOWN is easy.....going UP takes work, but so 942165_10101099917104178_1753171393_nworth the effort!

And take advantage of the helps God sends you...the wonderful breeze, encouraging family who stick by you (thanks Angelle!) and kind souls to share the journey!

Peace and joy, Nancy