Unexpected Gift

I awoke Monday morning to an unexpected gift...Sunday night, after the family Sacrament Party (see Laurie's blog post), we predictably had a cousin swap. The story on cousin swaps are we cannot have a family get together without our children clambering and cajoling for sleepovers. Usually we give in to the pestering, not only because we are weak  willed when whining is involved, but we know the memories and closeness these sleepovers bring our children are priceless.  


Sunday night saw eight cousins sleeping over at the Webster house. Five of them were part of the cousin group my daughter Lizzie runs with -- all girls ages 10-13. As you can probably guess when you get six girls together, who know each other really, really well, they get a little rowdy and wound up! By 11:30 I was exhausted and went to bed telling the girls it was time to start settling down and thinking of sleep.  They didn't listen...


Number one on my To-Do List this week was to tackle the basement playroom. Over time this room had become a catchall for any toy found while cleaning other parts of the house.  It was a jumbled mess where you couldn't walk into the room without stepping on something. Well, those rowdy, wound up, wonderful, thoughtful girls, who were over for a very loosely called sleepover,  decided to clean and organize the playroom for their exhausted aunt. Admittedly, it was to bribe me to take them swimming, but no matter the ulterior motive, it was an awesome unexpected gift!


Thank you God for family and all the unexpected gifts they bring.


Peace and joy,