A Hug from Danny

The other day I was having one of those days. Not the horrible earth shattering awful kind of day,  just a "blah" day. You know the kind, no hot water left for your shower, hit every red light, stub your toe kind of day. Then I got a hug from Danny. DannyRedsGame

Now I love getting hugs from all my children but I have to admit one from Danny is extra special because it's extra rare. My four girls like to show affection and often hug, kiss or hang on me. A day doesn't go by that my oldest son doesn't say he loves me or gives me a kiss. The five of them need that one-on-one connection, Danny, not so much. Out of all my children he is the one that does't need to touch base with me. He's not a hugger or one to show affection. Don't misunderstand, Danny's a happy, humorous kid who always walks around with a smile on his face. He is very social and likes to be around family and friends. He just doesn't need to physically show you he loves you, at least not usually.

So during my "blah", nothing seems to be going right day, I was standing in my kitchen when I felt arms go around me. There was Danny giving me a squeeze. I just stood there shocked a moment, before I hugged him back. I asked "what was that for" and he said "I just wanted to give you a hug Mom".  Just like that, my not so good day turned around to be a fantastic day. How could it not? There was no way a "blah" day could even compete with a hug from Danny.


Peace and Joy,