Cheese Balls to God's Glory (Really!)

What do you think of when you see a giant container of Cheese Balls?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  In the Findley household the appearance of these light, fluffy (made with real cheese) balls of orange finger goodness can only signal one thing...WE ARE GOING CAMPING!!  Yes, for years now, a giant container of cheese balls signifies that we will soon be on our way for the Minardi Family Camp-Out.  This annual event is a get-together of my side of the family for a long weekend of camping-eating-games-swimming-eating-hanging out-talent show (Mom's rock this one!)-eating-laughing-sweating-praying-eating-running-bike riding-boating-eating....I think you get the picture!  The eruption of joy that greeted Mark and I when we walked in the house carrying these bad boys was not for the cheese balls themselves, though loved by all. These cheese balls "represent" the reality that we are going camping! Now as I pondered the reaction these simple cheese balls elicit from my children my thoughts wander to the Catholic Church (I'm not kidding!) and one of the many things I love about her.  Our Church is not only spiritual but physical too, just like us!  God made us both body and spirit so he knew that we would need a Church that spoke to both realities.  The Catholic Church is full of bells, water, oil, incense, chants, statues, cathedrals, paintings, music, actions, medals and more that all "represent" awesome spiritual realities.Necklace-BronzeSHwhite.jpg  The sacraments of the Church are even defined as "outward signs of inward grace, instituted by Christ for our sanctification." So the pouring of the water, the anointing of oil, the laying on of hands, the sliding on of the wedding band, the spoken words of absolution, and the awesome privilege of receiving Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, are visible, tangible, audible, smell-able and taste-able signs that represent the great reality of God's grace given freely to us!R-RedWoodBronze-M.jpg All these "outward signs" allow us to taste, touch, smell, see and feel the Glory of God!  I know for many of you going from cheese balls to the Glory of God is a bit of a stretch but honestly this is how my mind works!

Peace and joy,