Too Tired to Blog

WebsterDolley "SIGH"...It's 10:00 p.m. and I'm way too exhausted to write my blog. Too exhausted to write about the great weekend visiting with the Dolleys (Mike's sister Debbie, her husband Evan and their two boys Evan and Brandon). They live 13 hours away so unfortunately we don't get to see each other as much as we would like. If only I could find the energy to tell about how wonderful it was to see how the cousins all interacted and got along together. Then I would also mention how WebsterDolleySillyphoto(17)Mike and Debbie's cousin Karen, and her daughter Rachel, traveled eight hours to join in the Webster weekend sleepover and what a pleasure it was they could be a part of the extended family fun.


I would also comment on how the weekend was spent visiting, laughing, eating, jumping, laughing, canoeing, eating, movie watching, laughing, playing games and more eating with maybe a little sleeping thrown in. photo(1) canoe_trip

Yawn, streeeeetch...I'm way too tired to talk about my birthday. How it started with breakfast in bed made by my girls. Who all  were so excited to make me breakfast in bed they woke up before the sun was I was still in REM sleep, in the middle of a really great dream where I was saving my family from pirates and I was just getting ready to jump...Oh, sorry. My sleep deprived brain must have drifted off for a anyway my girls came into my room loudly singing "Happy Birthday", plopped down the tray of food and promptly said "we're going back to bed"! How could I possibly muster the energy to tell you that most of the day was spent running kids to their various activities then explaining how the day happily ended on a high note when my husband brought me home two dozen beautiful roses.


Yeah, I'm too tuckered out to even whine about how this week is the start of "crazy time" with all the kids activities starting back up and how the lazy days of summer are officially over. So I'm sorry I don't have the energy to blog about anything tonight. But hey, there is always next week!


Peace and zzzzzzzz...