photo(19) photo(20)As I watched Olivia, my baby, get on the school bus for her first day of kindergarten I realized we are in the midst of many firsts in our family. Not only is this Olivia's first day of school but it's the first time she has ever ridden a school bus. This Saturday she will play in her first "real" soccer game, something she has longed for since she was four (doesn't sound so dramatic when she is only five...but trust me she talks about it a lot!)



My daughter Alison completed a roundoff back handspring for the first time on her own yesterday. (click here to watch! IMG_2213) She was so excited she finally did it she was on cloud nine all night. I pray she is just as excited when she makes her first Reconciliation and First Communion later this year.




Joanne, who had her first day of high school last week will play in her first high school soccer game tonight.  "Woo hoo, go Falcons!" My son Nick started his first job and got his first pay check. "Woo hoo, he can start paying for his own gas!"


And for the first time, in almost 17 years, I'll have kid free mornings. Will I finally get to eat bonbons while lounging on the couch watching really bad TV? Um, not likely. I'm not much of a TV watcher but the bonbons are a possibility. Maybe I'll spend the time in Holy contemplation and meditation. I wish, but probably not reality. Will I frantically clean my house and do laundry? My husband has his fingers crossed for this one! Or will I walk in the door from the bus stop and listen to the silence with a small ache in my heart, say a prayer for my children's safety, grab a cup of coffee and play a little Candy Crush Saga?  Hmmm, what to do first...

Peace and Joy,