Just When You Thought You Heard the Last of PBJ 2.0.........

Mike and I visited with his sister, Patty and her husband David over the weekend and we thought that it would be fun to create as many variations as there were kids and adults of the PBJ 2.0. The festivities took place in Patty's kitchen and dining room. We had so much fun. I do believe Mike and his Uncle Tom purchased 13 PBJ toppings. Mike also invented and brought the ingredients for the natural progression from PBJ 2.0...........the Grilled Cheese 2.0! I think we had at least 10 cheeses to choose from. We had fun choosing our cheese and our PBJ toppings. I created and ate one of each sandwich and I will testify they were DELICIOUS. It was a great time for all of us being together sharing fun and food. I think both sandwiches cry out for one slice of freshly fried, crispy bacon but Mike thinks bacon bits suffice. That is the beauty of these sandwiches you have freedom to design them any way you please. Next time you have a hankering for a fun and different sandwich try a PBJ 2.0 or the Grilled Cheese 2.0 and enjoy the 9 different taste combinations on every sandwich. Don't forget: Variety is the spice of life!

Peace and Joy,