In Solidarity

During Lent 9 years ago I was reaching for a certain snack and had the feeling that I was being asked not to eat it. So I put it back and ended up abstaining from it for the rest of that Lent. After Lent I again went reaching for this longed for snack but still had the sense I was being asked to not eat it, actually, could I not eat it forever. Praying about this it came to me this could become a prayer for all the priest and religious that make vows of celibacy. By giving this up forever in a small way I could be in solidarity with this gift they offer up forever for us and the church. Over the years dealing with the temptation of eating this snack has been a gentle reminder to pray for our priests and religious brothers and sisters and the temptations they face. It's been a small offering I could make concerning the crisis within the priesthood. A way to not take for granted their vocations and what they mean for our church.

Are any of you interested in joining me in this prayer? What could you give up, forever?

so we, though many, are one body in Christ and individually parts of one another. Romans 12:

Blessings, Carolyn