Rearview Mirror Dangles

cache_194_194_0_20_100_N-LeatherBronzeFatima-M You never know where the inspiration to create a piece of jewelry will come from. Sometimes I am looking at the medal and contemplating the life of the saint and the color of the beads seem so easy to choose. Other times, I will try a combination of beads, they don't look quite right and I end up taking the necklace apart and try another combination. A recent addition to our website are rearview mirror dangles. I got the idea while standing in line in a very small, old fashioned frame shop. I saw some cute angel clips designed to put on your car visor. Seeing those, I thought 'we really need something different to dangle from a rearview mirrors'. At On This Day Designs we have so many wonderful medals to work with that it was difficult to keep the new dangles down to 6 or 7. They can be hung from a car rearview mirror and maybe it would be fun to hang them in a special place at home where you might want a reminder of that saint.cache_194_194_0_20_100_N-LeatherBrozeOLGuad-M We offer a selection of: two St. Christopher medals, a simple art deco crucifix, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Our Lady of Fatima to hang from your rear view mirror. I have not been one to hang a rosary from my car mirror, I do not know why that is, but I just don't do that. However, as my kids have slowly grown up and reached the way too early age of a legal driver, I should have had one (or SIX!!) of those guardian angels on their visors. Oddly though, one car out of all the many cars my kids have driven in the past, I actually did hang a blue rosary on the rearview mirror. My daughter Kellyann was involved an fairly bad accident and Kellyann was the at fault driver. Even thought the airbags deployed in both cars and two people were taken to the hospital, she was OK and fortunately everyone else eventually was also. I visited  the junk-yard to retrieve the license plates from the 'totaled' car and I saw the blue rosary not hangin up on the mirror, but laying on the floor. I carefully gathered it up, kissed the crucifix and thanked and praised God that everyone was OK. I now have that rosary hanging in my kitchen, a reminder to pray for my kids and all young drivers to drive safely.cache_194_194_0_20_100_N-BronzeStChrisCross-M

Peace and joy,