Projects, New Jewelry and Celebrations!

It has been 2 weeks since I last wrote a blog post. So you would think I would be rested and full of would think!  We have decided here at On This Day Designs that we will now only blog twice a week, which puts each of us on a every other week schedule for blogging.  We, like most of you, have a lot of family life swirling around  us.  So blogging every other week really helps simplify our lives, which is always a worthy goal! Well here is a little bit of what I have been doing (in between eating bonbons!) during my brief Hiatus...

Transforming this table... given to us years ago..



and this tired brass chandelier, a standard in most 1960 homes, which our home is a proud member of!










Drum roll please.....INTO THIS!


I'm happy with the results (Though not quite finished. I need to anique the three far chairs). Yet now I (read: my husband) need(s) to paint the walls (not only dinning room, but living room, AND foyer!) and rearrange furniture!  See why the procrastinator in me puts projects off!  Each project leads to more projects and more money!

Now, notice the lap top on the table?  That was left there to show (I love visuals!) that I have also been devoting a lot of time to On This Day Designs.  We had just finished our weekly "Google facetime" meeting when I snapped this picture.  Please take some time to browse our site to see the many new religious jewelry items we have created for you. And there are more to come! We have new saint medals that we are anxious to incorporate into our new designs.

Here is a sample...


cache_194_194_0_20_100_E-CrossBallse cache_300_300_0_20_100_N-CircleSacredHeartantiquedbronzemary


Also, we had two birthdays!  Josh, our oldest, lives far away, so we celebrated his with a video chat and a package in the mail. We are looking forward to a visit from Josh and Angelle in early November.  Next was Luke's Birthday which we celebrated with a big pot of chili, bonfire and pie with ice cream for dessert!


And lastly here is a picture of Rosie doing her spelling case Sr. Marie Noelle reads this blog!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Peace and joy,


P.S. We are loving the Mary, Untier of Knots Novena.  So comforting and healing knowing that the Blessed Mother is there to help!