Unforeseen Benefits of Blogging

Even though I am still a reluctant blogger, there have been some unforeseen benefits to making myself sit down and blog when it's my turn.  I have always wanted to be a writer...no actually more of a journaler (is that a word?). I have several nice journals tucked in bookcases all with 4-5 entries that start with....It has been several months since I last wrote! I remember when my oldest child was a senior in High School.  I had decided I was going to emulate my journaling sister Mary Ann.  During the senior years of her two oldest daughters she kept a journal filling them with motherly advice and love (she has 9 more kids after them!).  She then gave these precious heirlooms to her daughters upon their graduations. The perfect gift! So I search the stores for just the right "manly" journal to give to my eldest son upon his graduation.  You can guess how this turned out.  The beautiful black leather "manly journal" is tucked away and forgotten on a shelf. (I was going to take a picture of it to show you but it's too depressing.)  Some how handing my son a nearly empty journal with barely 4 entries in it didn't seem to be the "perfect gift! This was my final attempt at journaling.  I decided that those who write have an inner longing that can only be satisfied by putting pen to paper.They can't ignore it. I don't even seem to have an inner nudge.

Well now I'm a blogger!  This blogging has forced me to finally have some written history of my family and thoughts. Something I've always wanted. I'm actually kinda proud of myself.  I think I'm going to print my posts and glue them into those empty journals!

Now, here are some of the things my family has been up to the past couple of weeks...

Odd Sock Day in kindergarten...what sound does O make everyone!?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Remember those walls I said I (read Mark) needed to paint...This is another one of those times that it's great being married to Mark!  It only took me 4 trips to Home Depot for the right color!  I came home to this "writing on the wall" after one of these I'll-be-right-back-with-the-right-color trips.







Here are the before and after...











My mom used to say "paint covers a multitude of sins!"  I think she was right.


This was also a fun weekend for my high schoolers...Homecoming!  Paul was on the court this year.  Here he is sporting his brother's awesome Goodwill find!paulHC2013-2 I'm nearly certain that this IS my brother Mike's suit that he wore for his senior pictures.  Of course we all had to go to the game to see Paul.  It was perfect football weather!

Now I want to know why I never planted zinnias before?  We all received seed packets in our Easter baskets this year. Some of them were zinnias.  We planted the zinnia mix by the corner of the house where they flourished.  These flowers make me happy!  I have been enjoying fresh arrangements on the table for 2 months now.  I am going to plant zinnias every year. I now have that in writing!


Peace and JOY!