In Gratitude

Petrick John & Mary.jpg small2 I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude sitting in Daily Mass the other day looking around at the "older" faces in the crowd. It came to me that the rest of us in our busyness are being buoyed up on the prayers of our retired faithful. Across the world our church has this wealth of prayer coming out of years of life experience and walking in faith. Prayer coming from aged bodies, joined to the mystery of sacrificial suffering.


confirmation 092

It brought to mind my in-laws who prayed a rosary together every night. I witnessed family miracles coming from their dedication (not to mention the collapse of the Berlin Wall). Then there was my Dad last week, again telling a receptionist he always had a good day. He can no longer go to Daily Mass due to mobility issues and prostate cancer but he still witnesses to the grace of a life of faith.


I felt supported as I rushed off, thinking we're all journeying to heaven on the backs of our oldest members. Another example of the beauty and mystery of the Body of Christ. I also realized I'm fast approaching when I'll be joining their ranks. When I'll have the chance to join my faith journey with other "older folks" to shore up the faith walks of our younger members. Even though my kids are growing up and moving away, I'm still needed, I'll always be needed, to pray for you.

Blessings, Carolyn