Mom's Feast Day, Her Sister and San Diego

momanddadDid you know that when we celebrate the "Feast" of a saint we are celebrating the day the saint died?  In a culture that is so afraid of growing old and dying, this seems morose and depressing to remember ones death let alone celebrate it.  Once again, the Church in her great wisdom is pointing to the greater reality.  With our death we are born into everlasting life!!  When we celebrate these "feasts" it is not the leaving of this world we celebrate but the glorious New Life that we begin.  Today, December 5th, we celebrate the Feast of Joan Minardi, our Mom.  Sixteen years ago she joined her Beloved Jesus and all the saints in heaven!  Mom, pray for us!


Blessings are often unexpected.  Being the mom of a large family I have not had much opportunity or money for jet setting across the country and I was totally fine with that.  Yet about a year ago our oldest son got a job with an airline and guess what?  His parents get flight benefits, significantly reduced airfare! So guess what?! I'm now a jet setter!  A couple weekends ago my sister Sue and I flew to see our Aunt Ruth (mom's sister) and our cousins who live in San Diego. We had a great time.  Here are a couple pictures of the trip....

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