This One is a Keeper!

OK already!! My sisters-in-law have been politely requesting me to get down to business and get back to posting blogs. I initially was going to write about how we Catholics are all called to be priest, prophet and king. This I learned in the sermon given by our parish priest yesterday. I am certain all Catholics know this about our calling but not me. Because as mentioned previously in blogs, I am a person who doesn't know very much about the dogma of faith that I profess. During the sermon, I learned we are  called to be priests in this way: by praying for people. I thought, 'Ok good I do that every single day'. I am in the midst of praying a novena with my favorite novena sender John Paul Deddens. He is the person heading up Pray More Novenas, a true Godsend for me. I have prayed more novenas in 2013 than I prayed in my whole life. This novena is a very dear novena to St. Perigrine. We are called to be prophet, Father Chris said, by sharing our faith with others. Well, how do you like that! I do that as well. Our motto at On This Day Designs is Wear your Faith, Share your Faith and I am fairly good about sharing my faith. I enjoy talking with my children about our faith or people of other faiths about their faith as well as mine. As for being a king, I don't have a clue what Father said about how we are supposed to do this. I think, when he was explaining, I leaned over to my son Mark, telling him he was like a prophet since he has a sacramental table in his room and when he invites friends up they see that and he could also talk to his friends about the items on his table.

That was first the blog I tossed because I couldn't finish it due to the lack of knowledge about kings.

The next blog I tossed was one about my family and all of us being home for Christmas. I was getting well into my writing then I remembered I DON'T KNOW HOW TO GET PICTURES OFF OF MY CAMERA. I was NOT going to post about my family without including all types of fun photos of the things we did at Christmas.

So here I am ready to end this post and I will begin writing about Sue. Sue is the On This Day Designs person who is our liason between us and the public and us and others in business and well, us and everyone. In fact, she doesn't want me to talk to anyone. Even when I offer she says, "I will do it". And thank goodness we let her because she is good, very very good.

It is very definitely too late now to make a long story short but: we were not able to deliver some bracelets a company ordered because we could not get the correct bead since it was out of stock. They wanted to know why we were letting them know this at the 11th hour. They were not too happy with us even though we had many valid reasons why they were learning so late in the game. Sue wrote a nice email, talked to them on the phone and then wrote another email. On that last email Sue wrote in explanation: 'What we have here is a great problem to have, an item that sells very well and is hard to keep on the shelf'. I was a bit apprehensive to see their response to that comment. Sue's comment was not only well received but it made them stop and ponder. It struck a chord with the company personnel. A company spokesperson said in reply: When I step back and look at this it certainly can be considered a 'good problem" in a way, given the high sales volume we have had with this bracelet. It is Sue's optimism and positive attitude that makes it hard for anyone, even a person who is kind of 'miffed', to keep their grouchiness for very long. Sue makes people see things through different eyes. She is able to bring that out in others. She is always upbeat and happy and smiling. I am sure when she reads this, she may request me to DELETE this third attempt at a post. So read fast, this may not be up long! Perhaps I may have answered my own question about what I missed in Father Chris' sermon yesterday. Maybe that is how you are a "king" to others: by being understanding, compassionate, helpful, kind and optimistic.

Peace and Joy!