A Great Man



My husband's father, John Eugene Minardi, passed away this past Monday evening November 17th at 9:28pm. I cannot write any words that can adequately convey his impact on his children's lives and the lives of others. He is the Dad of Carolyn, Mike, Mark, Mary Ann, Nancy, Teresa, Sue and Patty.

He was a wonderful and loving husband, a great Dad, a special father-in-law, a gentle grandfather and a 'great' great-grandfather.



He would not want to be considered great. He lived his life humbly and quietly. He deeply loved Joan, his wife of 42 years (Joan passed away in 1997), he loved his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.



His led his family with his gentle manner. We have lost our father and heaven has gained another glorious saint. John's reunion with his wife had to have been one of wondrous and joyous celebration. John's Catholic faith ran deep within him and shone forth in his selfless work throughout his long life.

Nancy's son, Luke, after praying the rosary in the Adoration Chapel at Franciscan University for the repose of his grandfather's soul, read  from his grandma Joan's devotional, God Calling. The passage for Nov. 17 is as follows: Quiet Lives

"'Well done, thou good and faithful servant... enter thou into the Joy of thy Lord.' Matthew 25:21

These words are whispered in the ears of many whom the world would pass by unrecognizing. Not to the great, and the world-famed, are these words said so often, but to the quiet followers who serve Me unobtrusively, yet faithfully, who bear their cross bravely, with a smiling face to the world. Thank Me for the quiet lives.

These words speak not only of the passing into that fuller Spirit Life. Duty faithfully done for Me does mean entrance into a Life of Joy - My Joy, the Joy of your Lord. The world may never see it, the humble, patient, quiet service, but I see it, and My reward is not Earth's fame, Earth's wealth, Earth's pleasures, but the Joy Divine.

Whether here, or there, in the earth-world, or in the Spirit-world, this is My reward. Joy. The Joy that carries an exquisite thrill in the midst of pain and poverty and suffering. That Joy of which I said no man could take it from you. Earth has no pleasure, no reward, that can give man that Joy. It is known only to My lovers and My friends.

This Joy may come, not as the reward of activity in My service. It may be the reward of patient suffering, bravely borne.

Suffering, borne with Me, must in time bring Joy, as does all real contact with Me."

By the awesome grace and mercy of God our Father, through His Most Holy Son, Jesus Christ, with the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit, please may John and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen.