Gallery of Saints



My absolute favorite St. Gertrude School tradition is The Gallery of Saints! The second grade class, in honor of All Saints Day, lines the school hallway dressed as miniature saints. These saints all have a story to tell revealing God's love and mercy for His people.

Choosing a saint is the first step in this month long preparation. Next, each second grader studies the life of their saint and then writes and memorizes a speech highlighting the saint's life. Finally, posters and costumes are created in anticipation of The Feast of All Saints on November 1st.

The long anticipated day has arrived.  With their posters hanging behind them, each second grader stands dressed in their costume as if they are a wax statue. They have become mini replicas of their chosen saint!  Visitors to their Gallery of Saints are encouraged to pull the "start" ribbon that each mini-saint is wearing. This animates the statue, so the saint can share his story.

Our youngest daughter, Ruthie chose Our Lady of Fatima. As you can imagine representing the Blessed Mother is no easy task. Yet, Ruthie rose to the challenge, earnestly performing her part! Ruthie and her classmates, have carried well the time honored tradition of the Gallery of Saints!

Our Lady of Fatima, Queen of All Saints, pray for us!

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