2016 Miles in 2016!


My daughter Sarah was inspired recently by a post on Facebook. Sarah's friend posted that her young family had challenged themselves to hike 100 miles as a family this year.  Since hiking has always been an activity we enjoy as a family, Sarah thought we should challenge ourselves too! Right away everyone was behind this idea.  Now we needed to come up with a goal that suits our family. We have a sizable family and are no longer all under one roof, some even living in another state. So we decide our goal needed to be much larger and a collective total of all our miles!  So we came up with 2016 miles in 2016!

To break it down, we need to collectively hike 168 miles a month. With 17 people, that can actually hike (the 2 babies are carried), that's roughly 10 miles a person!

Easy! So why don't you join us!  What's your families goal?!