Caravaca Cross Rosary

Caravaca Cross Rosary


Medal: Bronze Caravaca Cross Crucifix, recast from a 19th century crucifix                       2 1/4", Bronze St. Teresa of Avila Center

Beads: White Magnesite Beads, Honey Colored Czech Glass Beads, Brass Plated Steel Beads, Copper Plated Bead Caps, Brass Bead Caps

This stunning Rosary is capped off with the recast of a Caravaca Crucifix from the 19th century. Many legends and miracles come out of Caravaca, Spain attributed to the 2 armed crucifix. Tradition says 2 angels brought the crucifix to a priest who needed one as he dealt with the Moors invasion and the city of Caravaca has honored it since. A festival is held in May every year in honor of the crucifix. Versions of the cross were brought to the New World by Franciscan Missionaries where it has been especially loved in Mexico. St Teresa of Avila founded a convent in Caravaca in 1576.

Pictures hardly do justice to this heirloom quality Rosary.

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