Art Deco St. Francis with Clasp

Art Deco St. Francis with Clasp


St. Francis founded the Franciscan Order, initially called the Friars Minor, after receiving approval of the Holy See in 1211. St. Francis and his friars followed his rule that all their belongings has to be giving away freely to the poor. The lived their live of poverty in Assisi and wore coarse woolen tunics tied with a knotted rope. The St. Francis and his brethren, the friars, would travel about the countryside, two by two, talking and preaching to the people. They loved their simple, carefree life style and their deep love of God and nature as they traveled singing joyfully and calling themselves the Lord’s minstrels. They worked in the fields and slept in barns and churches. In time, St. Francis and the friars gained much influence with people from all walks of life.

  • Medal: Bronze St. Francis recast from a vintage medal, 1 1/8 inch
  • Clasp: Antiqued gold-plated brass

This striking St. Francis medal, has the contemporary look of an art deco painting. St. Francis is standing contentedly in his garden surrounded by a flower, fish, birds, butterflies and a deer.

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