St. Teresa of Avila Medal on a Clasp

St. Teresa of Avila Medal on a Clasp


The small, circular, St. Teresa Of Avila medal was recast in bronze from a vintage medal. The 3/4 inch medal St. Teresa inscribed with the words- Santa Teresia.   This medal could be hung from one of the bronze chains we offer on our site or clip it to a necklace you own.

There are so many books and stories written about St. Teresa of Avila that it is difficult to choose one item to share. I will provide one passage here but would suggest further reading of her autobiography and other biographies of her life. This is quoted from Catholic Online:

"St. Teresa taught that along with prayer one must strive to lead a virtuous life. The path of virtue is one of frequent confession, prayer and Eucharist; including a firm resolution to avoid all venial sin. Grave sin, of course, is to be avoided at all costs. So, what we learn is that the way of perfection consists in living the Catholic life with fervor and diligence, always and everywhere. As the soul finds itself rising to the heights through the cultivation of virtue, prayer and love, attaining to advanced prayer and receiving the unfathomable consolations which, as St. Teresa tells us, are granted to those whose virtue has reached perfection, the person experiences the realization that the world and all that is in it is are as nothing."

  • Medal: St. Teresa Of Avila recast from vintage medal; 3/4 inch

  • Clasp: Antiqued gold-plated brass

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