We are LIVE!

As part of the launch of our newly designed and easier to navigate website, we also have begun a blog. We decided to enter into the 'blogging world' to share a bit about each of our lives: our day to day family life, an occasional parenting comment about a random child of ours and maybe even a yummy recipe we enjoyed. Among us we have 49 children (we think!), a few additional grandchildren (YIKES!) and those numbers will be ever increasing....Praise Be to God for our children and grandchildren.

The Bloggers:

Creating the deep maroon rosary wraps

Carolyn Minardi Petrick, sister #1, is the mother of 5 and grandmother of 8.

Laurie McGowan Minardi, sister-in-law #2, is the mother of 6.

Nancy Minardi Findley, sister #5, is the mother of 11 and grandmother of 2.

Sue Minardi Webster, sister #7, is the mother of 6.

Patty Minardi Borgman, sister #8, is the mother of 6.


The Rest of the Family:

Some of our sisters have decided to not be so actively involved in On This Day Designs but they are still our family and we will be commenting about them from time to time.

Kay Wert Minardi, sister -in-law #3, mother of 1.

Mary Ann Minardi Van Atta, sister #4, mother of 11 and grandmother of 1.

Teresa Minardi Gilbride, sister #6, mother of 3.


Long Suffering Husbands:

Gary Petrick, Mike MInardi, Mark Minardi, Jeff Van Atta, Mark Findley, Tim Gilbride, Mike Webster and David Borgman


We hope our stories will be interesting, occasionally informative and maybe even humorous. Thank goodness for spell check...but, be warned, our grammar may not be up to speed with other bloggers, but our hearts are in this project and we hope you will go along with us as we jump head first into blogging about the roller coaster ride that is our family life!

Laurie (sister-in-law #2)