Findley Family

Hi, I'm Nancy and I'm the Tuesday blogger here at On This Day. Never in a million years did I think I would ever be a blogger and  yet here I am. Really my life isn't too terribly exciting.... except for one thing,...I have eleven children. This is usually a shocking revelation for most people that leads to all kinds of interesting and sometimes embarrassing questions. I'll list some of the answers to the questions for you:

Yes they are all mine.

Yes my husband is the father of them all. (blushing)

Yes my husband has a "good" job, (for a nonprofit).

No I'm not Morman, but I am Catholic.

Yes we had hoped for a large family.

Yes (total stranger), we do know what causes it! (blushing)  And we enjoy it!  (now total stranger is blushing!)


Twenty-eight years ago I was blessed to marry Mark Findley right out of college.  Soon after our 1st anniversary we welcomed Joshua, and our family had begun.  Our joke has been that we are on "the two year plan" because we were blessed with a new little one about every other year. Our youngest Ruthie, arrived 22 years after her big brother Josh.  Having this large span from the oldest to the youngest  has many blessings.  One of which is holding my 2 year old (aunt Ruthie) at my granddaughters baptism!  We are now blessed with a grandson also and look forward to many more!

Till next Tuesday, Peace and JOY!



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