Sister #7

Seems like the order of the week is to get to know the sisters at On This Day here it goes...I'm Sue, Wednesday blogger (gulp) and sister #7. Unlike Nancy (Tuesday blogger, sister #5) I only have 6 kids. Yeah I said only because being one of 8 and having two sisters with 11 children makes my 6 only average, no big deal, might even be considered slacking... Mike and I will have been married 19 years this month. A notable fact about our life is we moved 7 times within the first 12 years of our marriage. It kind of went like this-we would have a baby and Mike would get transferred. I think his bosses would secretly get a kick out of it, snickering-"now lets see if they can handle this move..." On the plus side my kids love the fact they each have their own city they can claim and we have friends all over the country.

Webster Family

Here's a quick 60 second rundown (depending on how fast you read) of our moves.

Started off our married life in Austin, Texas. Transferred to Cleveland, Ohio where our 16 year old son Nick was born. Lived there another year when within two weeks my mom passed away, found out I was pregnant and my husband was transferred to Rochester, New York.

Lived in Rochester just long enough to give birth to our 14 year old, Joanne, on the living room floor (a future blog post I'm sure). The day after Joanne was born we were asked to move to Dayton, Ohio. Luckily the company picked our hometown or I might have put my foot down, just having given birth and all... Within three weeks, with the house sold, we had moved back home!

Dayton lasted almost 3 years but ten months after Danny, our 12 year old, was born we were sent across the country to Seattle, Washington. Even though it was tough leaving family I was consoled by the coffee kiosks on every street corner. It also didn't hurt that once the rain stops and the fog lifts the Northwest is stunningly gorgeous!

Three months after our 10 year old (birthday today) Lizzie was born we were off to St. Louis, Missouri. Alison (age 7) claims St. Louis. When she was three months old we moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. We have lived in one of the northern suburbs of Cincinnati for the past 7 years. A record for us. Our youngest, almost 5 year old Olivia, was born here, and yes just after she was born my husband was asked to consider a transfer...he turned it down!

Peace and Joy!