Lesson Learned?

Late last night, Mark and I arrived safely back home after a long and wonderful weekend with our oldest son Josh and his wife, Angelle!  Josh and Angelle live in Phoenix, AZ, so we had a whirlwind weekend of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon and Sedona! I know there is a good lesson to be learned in happily descending into the Canyon way further than you realize.  Then the assent out of the Canyon full of "What was I thinking!" and "Why did I mock the warning signs with the man on his hands and knees loosing his cookies!" and "Do you really have to pay for the helicopter to care flight you out of here!" and finally "Dear God, please help!"  If anyone really reads this blog maybe you can let me know what you think that lesson might be.  Right now I'm going to nurse my aching muscles and snuggle with my "baby" Ruthie! Pictures soon to follow of this beautiful part of the world. Peace and joy,