High Expectations

On the bus from the airport to Mt. Vernon  

I had the honor this past  weekend to be a chaperone for my daughter Joanne's eighth grade class trip to Washington DC. I say it was an honor because I was so impressed with the 84 young women and men in her class. They were given high expectations on how they were to present themselves: in their dress, behavior and respect for others and the sites they were to see.  The children received several compliments from other hotel guests to patrons in restaurants where we ate, on how well behaved they were. They went beyond our expectations and if the smiles and laughter were any indication had a great time while doing it.



It seems the current thought in our society is kids are kids and they can't be expected to have self control. But what if we

Joanne at Mt. Vernon

expected more of our children and assumed they had the ability for self control and the ability to respect themselves and others. Is it possible our children would go far beyond our higher expectations for them? I for one think they would.

Peace and Joy,