No Matter What...

NoMatterWhatIf you have been reading our blog posts you may have noticed that our Mom's spiritual life has had a great influence on all of us. One of the many ways she loved to praise God was through song. She wrote many songs of prayer and praise, and in the image above, I took an excerpt of one of my favorites. She used to tell me that when I found myself worrying to sing instead because that would fill my head with prayer instead of worry. Although it might sound simplistic I have found this to be great advice throughout my adult years and it has helped me get through some pretty difficult stuff. This song is one that pops into my head often and my kids now know it by heart. It's fun to sing no matter what my situation!

Peace & Joy


Stay tuned... Sometime in the near future, I'm going to create a section on our site to post all of our Mom's songs.