B-Green3TheoVertsI was walking through Ikea wondering why I always feel so happy when I'm there. It struck me it's all about hope. The place makes me feel so darn hopeful about things I've struggled with my whole life. Hope that finally at 50some I could live in organized bliss, hope that I could live without clutter, hope that I could live a simpler life. As I  grow older I value times I can be hopeful about my challenges and not live in regrets. I want to live in the hope that I can still grow and change for the better, always working on that sainthood thing. Sometimes I think I can get caught up in the suffering and crucifixion of Christ and forget that I'm a follower of the resurrected Jesus. Forget that I live with a hope that defies all my struggles. A hope that keeps my eyes forwards not backwards. I never like to think that I've had 'the best day ever', I always feel hopeful that day is coming. I like to think that's the call (the hope) of heaven.

Blessings, Carolyn