Finding Jesus in the Temple

IMG_0168[1]At my house we are in the throws of letting go of children. I've already mentioned Anna, our youngest who will be a high school senior next year. Our son Sam, graduated from college this year and our daughter Erin, is entering her senior year of college. Also my youngest grandchild Nathan, who I have babysat since he was a young infant, enters first grade and full time school. Carrying this sense of loss and transition I was meditating on the mystery of Finding Jesus in the Temple. It came to me that we are always 'losing' our children in all different ways. We lose our children to the stages and changes of childhood, but we find them too.  When Mary and Joseph found Jesus their eyes were open to seeing Him in a new way. Seeing Him as the adult he was becoming. The gift of a new perspective. So my heart can search for the child they were or find the child of God they're becoming.

Blessings, Carolyn