Board Game Review

It seems to be Minardi Camp Out week here at On This Day so I will join the crowd and put my own twist on the theme. One of the things that my kids love about the trip is the hours of uninterrupted board/card game play. The kids are blessed to have a bunch of cousins who share in their love of playing games. Playing board games is such a great way to spend time together and my family has an ever growing collection at our house. I've found the games we like the best have been recommended by family and friends. So with that in mind I've had my kids give quick reviews of their favorite games. If you're actually reading this post why don't you reply with one of your favorite games.

0067341914562_500X500Max: Age 5 (turns 6 in 6 days!) has a lot of favorite games but he finally picked one.

Heroica: It's made of legos, and setting up the board is fun. You can make up your own board and different rules. I like fighting all the bad guys



jx_8002_sequence_card_game_300x322Zoe: Age 11, Enjoys board games but likes card games the best.

Sequence: Easy to play and you can play in teams which makes it really fun. A bunch of people can play at once. I like how it's a board game and a card game.




cover_lgCole: Age 13, Loves board games, but isn't as focus with the really long ones.

Axe Cop Munchkin: Fun, fast paced, easy to learn and easy to modify the rules to make your own unique game.




ResistanceHanna: Age 13, Likes card games.

The Resistance: Lots of people can play. Its fun to trick people and pretend to be good or evil and solving the mystery of who's on your team keeps it interesting. Also it doesn't take forever.




ti3Eli: Age 14, Hard core gamer, can spend hours playing board games. (and that's good because this game takes a long time to play.)

Twilight Imperium: Its different every time you play it. High level of strategy and a great back story about the universe in which the game takes place.


1000619_RG199_A_600Mom: Forty something. Likes playing games but rarely has the time to sit long enough to finish one.

Carcassonne: 5 people can play at once. Fast paced game that is fun and easy to play for different age groups. You can play it as a "team" with your 3 year old and they can stay engaged long enough so you can actually finish a game!