Who Doesn't Like Camping?


Who doesn't like camping? You got bugs, heat, humidity, sweat, rain, sleeping in tents, sleeping in wet tents.  Sounds like an awesome time, right? Well if you ask me or my kids the answer is "YES"! Sounds crazy I know, but the annual Minardi family campout is a much anticipated event in my household.  An event that is talked about weeks, if not months, in advance.


It's not the bugs, heat or humidity that make the Minardi campout so awesome. Nor is it the banana bikes, camp store, swimming, talent show and game playing, although they help. No, It's overwhelmingly the family itself. My kids think it is the coolest thing having four days of just hanging out with cousins.


Last year I asked my oldest if he wanted to ask a friend along. His response, "no way, this is time with my cousins". There's no whining about having nothing to do. They go and go until they collapse at night, or for the older ones, early in the morning!










I asked each of my kids the top three things they liked about the family campout. The number one answer all six kids gave me was, "being with my cousins"! The second was the camp store (dubbed the "candy" store) with swimming at the lake's beach coming in third (personally lake bed slim is not my thing--yea, way down on my list). For me, watching my kids with their cousins is my number one reason to love the campout, with hanging out with my siblings and their spouses a close second.

We've been renting the group campsite at Rocky Fork State Park for ten years with next years four days already booked. It's a ton of work preparing, setting up and cleaning up after the campout. Matter of fact it can be exhausting but it's soooo worth it. The memories, bonding and joy these campouts bring to our children and ourselves is priceless. So bring on the bugs, rain and heat, as long as we have family, a few board games and food it's a good time!












Peace and Joy,