Findley Family Fun Fest!


My husband Mark works for the Epilepsy Foundation and every year they have a week long summer camp for children with epilepsy.  At our house it is called "daddy's camp" and all our children become counselor, along with their friends, at age 18. Well this week is "Daddy's Camp" and my younger children and I were discussing how to spend our time while Daddy, Ben, Joe and Luke (this year's counselors) are at camp.  Spending time with cousins is our number one summer activity so we began to brains storm some ways to make this happen. Out of this "brain storm session" was born "the first annual"  Findley Family Fun Fest!!   Two nights and three days of games, swimming, (we have a pool), movies, dance parties and FOOD! Here are pictures enjoy!


Peace and Joy,

Nancy, Sue and Mary Ann


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