More & More G.K. Chesterton

GetEnough-GK3 The First time I read this quote, I thought "so true!" I live in a pretty small house and with 6 growing kids it sometimes feels like it's shrinking by the moment (We have one bathroom and 3 teenagers, yikes!). A couple of years ago I was so desperate for a new house that it was really starting to interrupt my peace. I was even having dreams where I would find gigantic new rooms in my house that I had somehow managed to miss. It was during this time that I encountered this quote.


Due to several circumstances I know buying a larger home is not in our immediate future. With prayer and the insight this quote help to provide, I've been able to have more gratitude and peace with our decision to stay in our cute little home. (But I still wouldn't mind finding a gigantic bathroom somewhere in my basement!)

Peace & Joy!