There is No Place Like Home

I certainly feel like I have been away for months, but what I actually have been doing is slipping away every weekend for almost the entire summer. It is always difficult for me to go on vacation with my entire family because I simply like being home. This summer, my  soirées have been different in that I travel with some of my family and leave some at home. My homebody nature is very unaccustomed to so much travel. My trips have been to: Florida to visit my brother, his daughter and my sister and her family. That was the topic of a past blog. The next weekend, found me and family camping at Rocky Fork...another story from the past. Then, in quick succession, I visited Rebecca in Des Moines, my sister and her family in Atlanta and then on to a niece's wedding in Tallahassee, Florida. This past weekend my husband and I stole away for our 32nd wedding anniversary to take aCIMG5359 Gangster Tour that was presented in Newport, Kentucky. Who knew there were gansters of old wreaking havoc in Newport? Another question that begs to be asked: Who celebrates their wedding anniversary on a tour such as this? We crossed back over the Ohio River and we went to a new casino in Cincinnati. In our younger years, Mike and I went to Las Vegas two times and had fun, but while at this casino we decided you either have to be young or rich to have fun in a casino.

My early July visit with Rebecca was super fun because Kellyann and Dianne both took time off from their summer jobs and traveled the 1200 miles round trip to help with the driving. Rebecca had so many fun activities planned for us. We took an outdoor "Yoga in the Park" class, saw fireworks, went to the zoo and my favorite thing that Rebecca made a point to take me to a park to view the fledgling eagles she had told me so much about. I was surprised how vocal the juvenile eagles were while waiting for their parents to bring them some tasty tidbits and an occasional squiggling snake. My other favorite event Rebecca arranged was a tour of the Better Homes and Gardens magazine's test gardens. It was awesome to see how they successfully planted such a variety of interesting plants, trees and perennials surrounding walkways, fountains and arbors. 100_0690On our last evening we attended  Mass at Rebecca's neighborhood church. When we travel, I enjoy attending Mass in different cities and seeing the beautiful churches. Back when I was younger, most churches had small vestibules with statues of the saints or the Blessed Virgin or St. Joseph with a bank of candles. Rebecca's church had just that and we lit a few candles and offered a few more prayers after Mass.

My sister Toni's daughter, Sara, was married July 13th. I was grateful to be able to drive there with my sister, Suzanne. We met up with my sister Maurita and her family and relaxed in each others company and thoroughly enjoyed the pre-wedding activities, the lovely wedding ceremony and the rocking reception.

Sara McGowan Andrew Rapuzzi

I had never met my niece's husband until the wedding. He is a wonderful man and a great husband. They will have a blessed life together.

In the midst of all this activity, it is easy for me to lose sight of spending time with God. My attempts at going to daily Mass are fail Mike would say. My attempts at praying before the tabernacle: fail blog. But I do know my attempts are 'wobbling' in the right direction. My back up plan, that I have been relying on this summer is:, a wonderful website that I mentioned in the past. Right now we are praying a novena to Saint Anne. I am praying for the intentions of a friend and some relatives. Maybe at least my small attempts at prayer are OK with God. He is a patient God, waiting for me to get my act in gear and get in a rhythm and go to daily Mass and spend time daily before the tabernacle. He is waiting for us all.

Wishing everyone God's peace.