Because I Love You

IMG_1506 My daughter Olivia is a typical youngest child.  She is funny, headstrong and acts older than her five years. She feels she can do anything her older siblings can.  She's adamant she's going to play every sport (well at least soccer, softball, volleyball, golf and swim) and be a cheerleader. She idolizes her older sister Alie one minute and tries to take her down the next. When I tell her she can't do something because she is only five, Olivia's usual response is "no I'm 15" or 25 or 35 or whatever age she thinks she needs to be to do what she wants.



If you have parented a child you know they go through a faze where they ask a lot of questions. Some ask more than others, Olivia is in the more category. Lately she has been asking questions about everything. The questions range from the typical "Why are my eyes blue?", "When I grow up will I be a mom?" "Is ice cream good for you?" and "How does the baby get out of the mommies tummy?" To the more macabre, "If I eat one of the black watermelon seeds will I die?", "Charley (our dog) licked my sucker, will I get sick and die?" and "There's blood (a small dot from scratching a mosquito bite) does that mean I'm going to die?" Many of her questions are very detailed.  In the car yesterday Olivia asked "if I'm in an airplane and it was going all the way around the world and if I don't have any food or water would I die?" After I answered the question she then asked "if the plane got tired would it's wings fall off and crash?". As you can see Olivia is always thinking and she is an excellent question asker!


This past Sunday, while we were getting dressed for mass, Olivia turned the tables on me by asking and answering three questions. The first was: "You know why I always want to sleep with you? It's because I love you!" The second: "You know why I always want you to sit and snuggle with me while we watch a movie?" It's because I love you!" And the third: "You know why I want you to pick me up and hold me now? It's because I love you!" As I stooped down and picked up my precious little girl and her chubby, strong arms wrapped around my neck, I thought I heard another voice quietly whisper a question. "You know why I long for you to spend time with me in prayer? It's because I love you."


Peace and Joy,