"Delight" and the PBJ 2.0

Hi! I am Mike Minardi, husband to Laurie and brother to all of the other On-This-Day-Designers. Today I am guest blogging for my wife. When closed it has 9 different flavor combinations

Last week was a big week for the family. Laurie and I celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary and the next day was dad's 84th birthday. The celebrations commemorated events that happened in the last century but something else occurred that could only happen in the 21st. I had invented a sandwich called the "PBJ 2.0". Our kids thought was cool and my son Mark posted a picture of it to an image sharing website. There were some comments, but that was that. About eight hours later Mark checked and said "Dad there are 185 comments." Five minutes later it was 200 comments and one said "I saw this on Tumblr." I didn't really know what Tumblr was, but we went there and were astonished to see that it was liked or reblogged 38,000 times and that number was increasing by hundreds every minute!  Mark's post had gone viral! By the end of the week it was all over the internet and had articles written about it on places like the Huffington Post and was talked about on some radio shows. It's been so much fun despite the fact we aren't making any money off of my great invention!

Dad with 6 of 8 kids on his 84th birthday

Now how can I tie this to spirituality? Well, I often think how much our mom would have loved to see this happen. Mom was delighted whenever any of her kids or grandkids did something cool. She would love to tell everyone else in the family. You didn't get the feeling that she was bragging; it was more like she was delighted in their happiness or success.

Years ago Ford Motor Company had a goal that their cars would "Surprise and Delight" their owners. When we see delight in our parents' eyes it lets us glimpse how our Heavenly Father loves us and delights in our existence. Not for what we do but just because we ARE. Remember that next time you are low or feel unlovable. Know that Jesus would climb up on that cross for you even if you were the only person that ever lived.

Now go make a PBJ 2.0!

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