Bits and Bobbles

I'm sitting here pondering my blog post and I realize I have no coherent thoughts, just a stream of unconnected "bits and bobbles" bouncing around in my brain.  Plus that's a fun phrase to say... bits and bobbles .... Everybody needs a Joe....

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs I stared out the window hoping for a blog post inspiration, I see my son Joe pass by mowing the lawn.  No one ask him to mow the lawn. Joe, like his Dad,  just sees the need and does it. So, I grabbed the camera, ran outside and made him pose for this picture.

Everybody needs a Joe.





If You Give a Daisy Room to Grow...





If you are familiar with the book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, you know where I'm going with this. Just last summer we innocently thought... Hmm, some daisies along this fence would look pretty.  Well the daisies wasted no time! I love my daisies, even though they have taken liberties with our generosity!



Tuesday is kids eat free at Ikea and if that's not enough, this past Tuesday was National Hot Dog Day!


Not only did we get several hot dog samples (pigs in a blanket, hot dog-cheese-Swedish meatball on a toothpick with barbecue sauce...tasty...very tasty!) there was also free face painting! Gotta love Ikea! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The young woman painting faces was from the Cincinnati Circus...Did you know Cincinnati has a circus?!

We were perplexed when the face painter began painting Ruthie's finger orange...then pleasantly surprised when "our little bunny" had her own carrot! It was nice not having to feed her for a couple days!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt took several days and a couple of swims, before I could convince the girls that the butterfly, bunny and flowers had to go. 





Freshly showered, sweet smelling sunshine... 



Ruthie and Rosie are just out of the shower and look cuddly in their favorite "jammies", Mom and Dad's shirts. Super duper sweet!


Now that's all the bits and bobbles for today! (You kinda need to say that with a British accent!)

I have to go. I promised the girls I'd snuggle with them till they fall asleep. Simple blessings!

Peace and joy,