Spring (Summer) Cleaning

photo(16) FINALLY! I'm getting my Spring cleaning done...yea, I know it is in the middle of summer but hey, better late than never! The thing is I have a little issue with procrastination coupled with KIADD (see my "Got KIADD?" blog post to understand about Kid Induced Attention Deficit Disorder) it's a wonder anything ever gets done around here. Usually I need something to light a fire under my, um, tush to get the deeper cleaning/organization done. I'm always so concerned about the surface clutter it's not until guests are due to arrive that I see the grimy hand prints on the wall or the junk drawer not being able to close because of, well, all the junk in the way.


Luckily for me, and my house, my husbands sister and cousin, along with their families, are visiting this weekend. Without their impending visit this Spring, or more aptly, Summer cleaning session wouldn't be happening. My kids may not be thrilled with having to organize the game closet or washing all the walls down but my house (and husband) are thrilled with the results.


My spiritual life is like my house. Sometimes I'm so concerned about just maintaining the surface, going to mass, prayer before meals, etc, that my internal prayer life gets glossed over. I often need a fire lit under me to remind me of the importance of deeper communication with God. It's good, and necessary, every once in a while to get underneath the surface to the grit and grime to truly shine.


Peace and Joy,