A Life Worth Fighting For...

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOccasionally, we get birds that fly into our screened-in-porch and we have to help them find their way out.  The usual method is to wait for them to land on a ledge or furniture and then gentle scoop them up with a dish towel and watch them fly away when we release them outside the screen.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Last week our little visitor was a humming bird.  Our usual approach did not work because he (not sure how to check for this) was frantic to get out and would not come down from the rafters. After he exhausted himself he finally alighted on one of the support beams and hardly moved when my son Paul carefully picked him up. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI ran and got the hummingbird feeder (and the camera) and we tried to coax our hummingbird to eat.  But to no avail.  He just closed his eyes and sat motionless. We were pretty sure he was not long for this world. Then Paul, the hummingbird whisperer, began to stroke his back with his finger.  Suddenly the hummingbirds eyes popped open and he began swallowing! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  We placed him next to the feeder again and he stuck in his long beak and took many long drafts of nectar. We were thrilled!   I then coaxed him onto my hand.  He wiggled and shook and then took off, soaring high into the air!  We were exhilarated!


Yes, it feels good to save a life...no matter how small.

Peace and joy,