So It Begins...

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First day of school is today for my two high schoolers.  For my son Nick it was a little bittersweat since I had to drive them. The car he's been driving died three days ago and we have been searching for a "new to us" vehicle that gets excellent gas mileage. Thought we had a winner yesterday until our mechanic, due to issues he uncovered, advised us to run as far away from the car as possible. So I'm stuck driving them to school the rest of the week and my son has to endure the uncoolness of being dropped off by his mom in the family's rockin' 12 passenger van -- oh, the horror!

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My daughter Joanne is a freshman and is so excited her first day of high school is finally here! Fortunately she plays soccer, which is a fall school sport in Ohio. Because they have been conditioning all summer she's been able to meet and get close to her teammates. So now, instead of being nervous on her first day, she is excited to see her friends and start her high school experience with them.


So it begins for another the end of next week all my children will be in school. Oh, happy day...NOT! Bedtime fights and struggle to complete homework will permeate our lives. Whether I  want to or not, I need to say a prayer, take  a deep breath and dive 4


Peace and joy,