Mary the Undoer of Knots

About 10 months ago I came upon the perfect novena for my life, the novena to Mary the Undoer of Knots. It was a gift to see Mary in this way, as someone that could intercede and help me unravel those situations and relationships that had gotten messy, complicated, complex, convoluted, in other words, all knotted up. Pretty hard to live life without getting into the middle of some tangled messes. It's been comforting to have this novena to pray for some seemingly helpless situations that have occurred these past months. With my new found love of this novena it was exciting to read that our new Pope Francis had a special devotion to Mary the Undoer of Knots. Developed when he was a student in Germany and saw the painting done by Johann Georg Melchior Schimtner, painted aroung 1700. He brought a postcard of the painting to Argentina in the 1980's helping to spread the devotion to Latin America.

One of our medal suppliers is now carrying a recast vintage medal inspired by this painting. We are excited to soon offer necklaces and a chaplet using this special medal.



Here are two links to the novena and prayer written by Pope Francis.

Blessings, Carolyn