Blob 'O' Candy

I feel it's a little early to get into talk of Christmas time but since Halloween candy is 50% off right now I thought I'd share a very successful Advent countdown I came up with last year. I call it the Blob 'O' Candy Advent Calendar. This idea came about because I waited to the last minute to buy Advent Calendars last year and couldn't find reasonably priced ones anywhere.IMG_0681[1] IMG_0679[1]  

What I did have was bags of candy stashed away at my house. For some years now I have bought the bulk of my Christmas candy half off the day after Halloween. I guess it says something about my frugal nature that the idea of the savings keeps them safely hidden until Christmas. Playing with different ways I could countdown Advent with the candy lead to a simple solution. Taping masking tape to the first wrapped candy you wrap the tape around and around adding candy as you go until all 24 pieces are added forming a Blob 'O' Candy. Not real pretty, but it sure makes a little kids eyes light up. Through Advent they slowly unwrap the tape enjoying a candy each day.


A nice aspect of this idea was I could make it to an individual child's tastes or needs. For instance one of my grandsons has trouble with food dyes and another one doesn't like chocolate (not sure how that's possible). My grandchildren and teenage daughter loved it and my college kids were upset they didn't get one. Sorry Erin, I'm not making that mistake this year.


The joy of simple pleasures anticipating the joy in our Savior's birth.

Blessings, Carolyn