Liking Is Not Enough...


So, just to set the record strait, us sisters at On This Day Designs don't always know what we are doing! Case in point, we tried a new thing ten days ago, you may have seen it--a Facebook contest. Did we have a guru sit down with us and show how it was done?, not quite. We fumbled and researched along until we figured out how to set up the contest on Facebook, which has its own rules and regulations that change often. Anyways, all was good, we found a great program, Patty made an awesome image (picturing her own hand!), had the wording down pat, so we were good to go and problem free, right?...not!

Note to selves...take contest out of Facebook sandbox mode before changing Facebook page cover photo and unintentional launching contest to the Facebook world, well our small, little part of it at least! Another note...make sure contestants realize they actually have to fill out a very small, dinky form with just their name and email so we can contact them and know who actually wants to enter the contest. We have the wording telling them that info but it's under this really great image so may have been missed by quite a few "Likers".


If you already "like" us on Facebook and thought that automatically entered you into our really cool $100 shopping spree contest or you were unaware of this nifty contest and now are really, really excited about entering for a chance to win $100 to spend on On This Day Designs merchandise, then quickly run--or just move your mouse super, lightning fast--and click on this link→yippee, pick me←and if you don't "like" us but think we're "likeable" then by all means please click the link too!


P.S. Another thought our "likers" may want to know--for every friend who enters our contest from one of your "sharing" of our contest, gives you 2 additional entries for a chance to be the big winner!


Peace and Joy,